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Trapped between worlds! US senator Jonah Thomas is forced into an epic battle fought somewhere between life and death, heaven and hell. While government agents and terrorist fight for his life in one world, angels and demons wage war for his soul in another. Will he learn the truth and find his way home before it’s too late?


"Couched in the genre of the super hero, Beyond the Darkness showcases the true super heroes of the universe. In an age where people have come to expect excellence, this film delivers! As a Christian film, it has all the elements you want: a timeless story of the human experience as it relates to the other-world, the hope of corruption being redeemed, the eternal truth of the gospel, the solution for all of our flaws, failures and frailties -- our sin, and the proclamation if the person of Jesus Christ. Without reducing the gospel message to mere easy-believeism, Beyond the Darkness is an epic film for our times."

ANDREW CROWTHER - Pastor of Forsyth Baptist Church

"Pastor, like me, you have been selected to privately view the supernatural thriller, BEYOND THE DARKNESS, and I would highly recommend you do. After viewing, take advantage of the Evangelistic Summer Movie Night that will be sure to reach the unbelievers in your area and grow your church."

JONATHAN FALWELL - Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church

"This is truly one of the most powerful Christian films that I've ever seen with its incredible cinematic experience that brings the reality of the spiritual world to life. This will be a movie that churches can use as a tool to embolden their members and evangelize their communities."

CHOE SERGENT - Pastor of First Baptist Church, Junction City


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