26 May

Why did you make Beyond the Darkness?

  • Time8:42 PM
  • Danny Carrales

More than ever, I feel like our world is becoming a darker and darker place every day. There is a spiritual darkness, a supernatural battle that looms over our nation and the world. Movies, television, the internet, smart phones and other media have helped program us into becoming self-absorbed to the point that few truly care about others - much less God.

The heat of this spiritual battle rages in our nation’s capitol, where laws and policies affect each of us. In fact, I believe that there is a form of social engineering that stems from our nation’s capitol that is turning Christian values upside down. In the last days, the Bible tells us that one-day, “good will be seen as evil and evil will be seen as good”. We are watching this verse become a reality in our world today.

Even senators with the best intentions can be influenced or coaxed into taking that one step that can lead them down a very slippery slope of corruption. That’s why our protagonist, Jonah Thomas, is a U.S. senator, where our country’s deals are made above the table and under the table.

Beyond the Darkness reminds us that every action, every motive and thought ripples through eternity and has a cause and effect. The archangel Gabriel takes Jonah to the Reckoning Pool (a fictional lake) and shows him how our actions have a ripple effect. Our actions, whether good or bad, not only touch our lives, but the lives of other people.

This spiritual odyssey shows Jonah that there is a heaven, there is a hell and there is choice and that God has provided a beautiful path that leads to true life and purpose through our Lord Jesus.

Our production team knew that creating this supernatural world would be a challenge, but we were pretty naïve as to how difficult the task would be. Little did we know that there would be over 970 visual effects shots in the movie, as we show angels and demons battling it out, the Reckoning Pool, the Judgment, Hell, heaven and much more. It took a small army of dedicated special effect artists (lead by Kip Farrar) almost four years to produce. The project was beyond our abilities, but we believe that God put all the pieces in place to finish the movie.

The truth is that no one knows what this spiritual battle looks like, but the idea was to remind us that a supernatural war is being fought around us. And this battle is about you and me – the human race.

I want the viewer to ask themselves, if they are preparing for the battle. Are they fighting the battle? Are they losing the battle? Or have they surrendered in the battle without even knowing it? These are questions I ask myself almost every day.

The production was a very tough shoot. The actors playing the angels and demons spent two months preparing for the fight sequences. And during the production, we had one of the hottest summers recorded in Texas history. Try jumping, running, and fighting in your Halloween costume in the heat of the day (in the middle of nowhere) and you’ll get the idea of how hard it was to shoot the fight sequences for the angel and demon actors.

The post-production process was a different battle. Our post-production team felt like they were in the midst of a raging spiritual war. It seemed like we were fighting for every frame of footage. There were technical issues with computers and software. There were physical issues with people being sick for months at a time. It was a grueling endeavor.

The good news is that God is using the movie to change lives for His glory. It’s a blessing to hear some of the testimonials about how the movie had a positive impact in their spiritual lives.

The movie has been a financial faith walk. It has stretched my faith tremendously. I know God has a plan for Beyond the Darkness and I pray that you will want to support the movie by helping to bring it to a theater near you so that you can invite your family and friends.